On behalf of the children, staff and community, I just want to express our sincerest gratitude to the way that you touched our lives during your visit in March/April this year.

You have once again come at a time when we needed intervention most. Honestly, everything that you have done, only you could have done it. We were stuck with the fact that we needed a better looking project and space for the whole Programme, we had very few utensils which was making feeding difficult on a daily basis, we had no means to can bless the families with food that and toiletries that they so much needed and we needed more security in the Programme. You came for only 3 days and met these vast needs.

Words cannot even describe how grateful we are. Thank you for improving our lives and making our environment one that we can be proud of.

Also thank you to the wonderful people that you are. You are all so passionate about what you have come to do and are all so amazing.

We love you all so much and see you as a blessing to the Tshepang Programme.

Keep up the good work that you do.

— Susan Rammekwa - Director, The Tshepang Programme
Having a common goal and interest, [we] came together and learned that it takes a community to help a community. [We] also learned that it does not take a lot to achieve a lot. This is not to diminish the efforts of every single person in any way. The tasks were sometimes overwhelming yet the tremendous enthusiasm, hard work and selfless support for each other paid off.
— Dorothy R.
Wow, what a transformation made in such a short time. This was completely due to the focused efforts of all working together for the same purpose. The memorable moments for me were the happy faces with smiles of appreciation. No further words required. Simunye, love your work!!
— Tom A.
Working with initiative and zeal, we worked together to achieve what we could with the time, tools, equipment and manpower available. My proudest moments cropped up in each project location where the Simunye team worked to master new skills. I valued how the volunteers quickly took charge to complete high quality jobs. In doing so we incorporated local help and had a lot of fun interacting with teenagers from Tshepang and Educare. The palpable sense of achievement was a powerful and enduring force.
— Phil A.
The Simunye volunteers were magnificent in many ways. They worked tirelessly in tough conditions to get challenging projects completed within very tight time restrictions. With little kids on their backs and an extremely hot African sun beating down on them, the volunteers stuck to their task with a sense of joy and energy and a ‘can do’ attitude. They were beautiful in their approach to others, always finding the time for a hug, a chat, a handshake or a dance.
— Peter D.
When you take the time to step back to really admire and absorb the change you have helped create, the feelings are beyond a sense of reward and satisfaction. When I compared the photos of the Educare classroom before renovation, with its lack of colour and blank white wall, to the colourful and vibrant finished classroom before my very eyes, I felt tremendous pride in myself and my fellow Simunye team. I look back on it now and recall the struggles we had with time and resources. At the end of the day, all those obstacles honestly don’t matter because when you see the beaming faces of the children you know that something positive has occurred not only in yourself, but also in the lives of those less fortunate.
— Lana Y.
The proudest moment for me was the last night of Tshepang. I remember finishing giving food packs to 300 children and turning around to see all the children walking away. They were struggling to hold the heavy pack but had huge smiles on their faces. It made me really proud that we were doing so much. I then turned around to see most of the Simunye group in tears. I realised at that moment, that we were affecting and impacting the children and their families’ lives, but we were also being deeply affected ourselves.
— Bob W.