Sinead de Souza

“It’s difficult to single out my favourite moment, but the people we met, I will remember for a long time. Along the trip, there were so many inspiring people who whole heartedly dedicated their lives to making a difference in poor communities. Susan, Trygive, just to name a few, were so passionate about making a difference and their energy, enthusiasm and optimism is something I will definitely take away from the experience.”


Jack Carthew

“Try give had a saying “Give without expectation.” Coming from Australia, many people expect something in return, even though we have so much. This entire trip was giving without expectation. I have taken so much out of it. I know that through this short 2 weeks, we have helped change so many lives. This was such an amazing and unforgettable experience.”


Liam L

“I will never forget the amazing sights we witnessed, the complex history we learned and more importantly the inspiring, selfless and loving people we met in Cape Town and Hoedspruit. An unforgettable trip that has set a benchmark for future work in other countries.”


Denis L

“After a warm welcome, it was straight to work building 12 keyhole gardens. Firstly everyone had to dig a trench for the foundations of the gardens. Then, the back breaking task of mixing cement began. By then, everyone’s muscles were screaming and sit was only the beginning! The best part of the day was working with the Grade 5, 6 and 7s. Without their efforts, we never would have finished on time. Simunye is probably the most fun I’ve had whilst doing hard work.”


Sasha Thompson

“I’m so grateful to be a part of Simunye and am looking forward to more memories.”


Elise Rodrigo

“ We took a tour through a township, which was the first time many of us have been so close to the poverty that many regions of South Africa is burdened by. The strangest thing about this region is the happiness that is shared and felt by the people that live in such conditions. 

Ikhaya Le Themba translates directly to “Home of hope” but it is clear, in a region like this that it is also a home where hope for the wider community is born."


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