Great steps forward in history have frequently started with the inspiration of one person: a person, who looked at a situation, wished for change and then made that change happen.

The lives of Mandela, Gandhi, Mother Theresa all helped to free the minds and bodies of oppressed people and changed the way they lived. Their lives highlighted the fact that one person does have the power to make a difference. But great change would not have occurred if others had not joined in the cause and played their part in pushing for change.

The Simunye Project awakens you to the power you have to make a positive change in the world. To be a catalyst: a dynamic force for positive change.

Simunye is Zulu for ‘we are one’. The project aims to tap into the power of individuals and teams. The African notion of ‘Ubuntu’ means that we can only be brilliant when we allow others to be great. By reaching across perceived cultural barriers we are able contribute to the lives of others. In lifting others up, we lift ourselves. In giving, we receive.


The Simunye Project has created sustainable and lasting change in people and communities. We work with a few rather than many communities and aim to take them to a level where they can begin to provide for themselves.

Our focus is on the following key areas:



Further study scholarships for teachers, school and university students, teacher salaries, educational resource, school bags, uniforms and stationary.


Partner with the founder of e’Pap, Basil Kransdorff to provide a feeding scheme that is rich in healing nutrients. We also build kitchens and vegetable gardens and provide boreholes. The project builds eco friendly toilet facilities to ensure clean sanitation. Food and care packs are also donated once a year. To 180 families.


Building works

New buildings (classrooms), storage containers, renovations, playground equipment (climbing frames and low ropes courses).


These are just some of the things we contributed on a recent trip:

  • cleaning classrooms
  • improving storage facilities
  • installing shelving
  • fixing countless desks
  • delivery of school furniture
  • lunch and snacks for over 200 hundred children each day
  • run classes
  • a years salary for kindergarten teacher at Tshepang
  • sponsorship of 8 Year 12 students (school fees, uniforms, books)
  • donation of money to carers at Tshepang
  • 300 solar lights
  • sewing group to make uniforms and toiletry bags for the kindergarten
  • renovating the sewing and training rooms
  • kitchen renovation
  • new cutlery and crockery so that all children could be catered for at once
  • local welder was employed to make burglar bars for the windows. 
  • pay for the delivery of ePap
  • 220 food hampers 
  • resume writing
  • low ropes course was added to
  • fitness stations were put in place
  • shade cloth was erected next to the kindergarten   
  • Simunye bought a container which we are lending to Gertrude
  • secured shade cloth to the container (now a classroom)
  • built benches
  • playground
  • outdoor kitchen
  • hire builders to construct a 5m by 5m classroom and veranda 
  • pay for the construction of two ‘enviro loos’
  • developing teachers’ teaching methodology 
  • Epap was delivered 
  • teaching materials and furniture for the day care centre 
  • vegetable garden 
  • fixed the playground and added to it
  • burglar bars were put up across windows 
  • supplies of food and educational equipment were donated. 
  • one year’s worth of fees to Silence so that she could get the next level of qualification in child care. 
  • construction of a chicken coop