Very sad news

In 2017 whilst visiting Ikhaya we were impressed by a young man whose dream it was to go to hotel school.  One of Huntingtower's board members, Claudia Banks very generously donated money to help make it happen.  He was a bright articulate young man with an excellent future ahead of him. However, this week  we received the sad news of his passing.  He was stabbed in the community and died instantly.  This is a reminder to us of the terrible and vulnerable circumstances in which these people live.  We appreciate more than ever the wonderful work that Susan does to give these children a shelter and keep them as safe as possible. 

 Susan reflected on the impact this young man had on the community and she expressed how devastated they were by this loss and the huge hole left in their hearts hearts where this bright young man had dwelled.

Our condolences go out to Sihle's family, to Susan and the entire Ikhaya community.

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Devastating fires in Hout Bay in 2017 caused many people to be displaced and left destitute. 

Devastating fires in Hout Bay in 2017 caused many people to be displaced and left destitute. 

The Amazing Human Race campaign was birthed from the most devastating fire in history.15,000 homes of families were lost; dignity and hope shattered.  Men and women from Hout Bay to around the world answered the cries of those devastated.  Relocated to the sports field. In Hout Bay families suffered further loss without the essentials of human rights.  City of Cape Town has relocated everyone back to the IY community as of 18 December 2017. 

iKhaya le Themba staff and local volunteers donated and tirelessly gave of their time, talents and Funds to replace uniforms, shoes, stationary along with food and sundries.  Light and life began to dawn again in April as the resilient community we know them to be. 

The Year 12  students from The Simunye 2016 trip rallied together to raise funds to support Ikhaya through this terrible tragedy. This is indicative of the impact that the project has on our students long after they ahve returned from the trip. 

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke

South Africa is more than its people...

The spirit of South Africa comes from its diversity and uniqueness in so many ways.  It is a land of contrasts.  A place where you "feel" more than you "see".  As soon as you touch ground you feel the throb of the land. You hear the sounds of Africa and you are immediately entangled in the jostle and hub of a vibrant atmosphere.  The colours, sounds and "busi-ness" of the city draw you in and you feel pure joy, despite the harsh conditions you witness around you. 

The contrast of  the bush is the calmness, serenity and almost spiritual connection you make as you take in the terrain and people in the rural areas.  Along with this comes the contrast associated with the animals.  They are so beautiful and experiencing them in the wild leaves you overwhelmed with questions and knowledge about a world so ordered and perfect that is slowly being destroyed by man's greed.  The many game reserves that are supposed to be shelters for wild animals, are also the feeding ground for poachers.  South Africa is fighting a war against the extinction of its animals, as more and more, mainly rhinos and elephants are being killed.  

Simunye cannot stand back and watch,  so a portion of our fundraising goes to the anti poaching unit, which is doing such a fantastic, but difficult, job protecting these animals. Our Year 10's along with other volunteers knitted blankets for the rhino's which were very well received. 

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