Schools can offer their students a Simunye Project experience to build leadership and teamwork skills, and to give students a life-changing perspective on the world.


Work together as a team to make a sustainable and meaningful difference

The Simunye Project endeavors to provide hands-on opportunities for Australians to develop themselves in a setting that stretches them personally. It is a wonderful chance to be completely selfless and work together with a team of like-minded people. The joy and energy experienced on the trip will be unforgettable.

Learn about other cultures and the rich history of South Africa

The experience will open your eyes to a unique culture. You will spend time with local African people learning about their families, the languages and most importantly their outlook on life. From them you will learn lessons in joyful living, community and resiliency.

Connect with local African kids

There is nothing more powerful than leaving a lasting legacy. You will do this through building and renovation projects, but more importantly by spending time connecting with other kids and developing unforgettable relationships in a short time.

Learn resiliency, problem solving and team work in a unique environment

Have an authentic volunteering experience

Learn how to take on challenges


Over the years, representatives from several Victorian schools have volunteered to an experience. The Simunye Project welcomes anyone with the desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Huntingtower School has been our primary supporter since the inception of the project. They have sent over 100 student volunteers to South Africa to work in underprivileged areas. The Project and communities are grateful for Huntingtower School's courageous leadership and continued support.