If you're an individual contributor (or part of a small group of less than five), The Simunye Project welcomes you to contribute to our team experiences.

The Simunye Project awakens you to the power you have to make a positive change in the world.

Simunye experiences have been turning points in the lives of many of our volunteers, and have changed their outlook on work, relationships and their ability to improve the lives of others.

The realisation you can be a catalyst, a powerful force for dynamic change, is a powerful mindset volunteers take from the Project.


Have the experience of a lifetime. 

You'll feel something unlike anything you've ever experienced before. Be ready to learn more about the world you live in, and perhaps even more about yourself.

Simunye experiences have been turning points in the lives of some of our previous volunteers, and have changed their outlook on work and relationships.


Mix with other like-minded individuals.

Simunye Project volunteers come from all sorts of backgrounds, but are all motivated by one thing: a need to change the world.

Not only will you work with passionate people to achieve a common goal, but you'll also be exposed to the experiences and talents of others in your group. 

Our volunteers make lifelong connections and often continue to work together after their experience.


Realise you have the capacity to make a real difference to the lives of others.

Throughout your Simunye experience, you'll find yourself in situations (both in Australia and abroad) where you're making real impact to the lives of others.

This realisation is perhaps the most powerful thing volunteers can take from an experience, and you'll approach life differently because of it.


Work side-by-side with local African people.

Some of the most heart-warming Simunye Project memories come from the people we meet when abroad in South Africa.

Whether it's a young child at a school, a thankful parent, a teacher, or even a like-minded volunteer you bump into, you're bound to meet someone who makes an impact on you.