The Simunye Project’s mission is to empower young people with the skills and attitudes to make a positive difference to the world.

We take volunteer students, professionals, and motivated individuals on life-changing trips that rapidly build skills in persistence, preparation, leadership and teamwork.

The Simunye Project awakens us to the fact that we all have the power to make a positive change in the world. The project aims to tap into the power of our oneness with each other, because our humanity is bound in the humanity of others.

We cater to a wide variety of potential volunteers:

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Donations are made possible through our newest partner, Principia School.


For Individuals

Individual volunteers looking to give back to the community and further their own development can gain a lot from a Simunye experience.

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For Schools

Schools can rapidly build teamwork and leadership abilities in their students by having them volunteer for a Simunye experience.

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For Groups

Businesses, sports clubs, community groups, and other teams can give back whilst also building valuable skills in their members.

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